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​​​NIAMS (Mandi)


What We Are Offering...

I extend to you a warm and hearty welcome from the NIAMS. You have made an important decision in choosing a new way of learning that can make a big difference to you in securing a bright future! 

​Our qualifications and learning programs are developed around specific work place roles in consultation with leading companies in the industry in which you have chosen to build a career! They will give you both, the practical work skills and the knowledge required to succeed in the workplace. We provide a comprehensive and well designed learning material both to you and your trainer that will make your learning experience thorough and enjoyable! Your course facilitator has gone through a ‘Train-the-Trainer’ certification program to ensure both functional and teaching expertise to deliver your course. The training centre you have chosen has been supported and monitored to provide you the best of classroom and practical lab facilities that you will need. In short, we have taken extra care to make sure that you get every support that can make you succeed in your course.

Admission Open